Rebrand the Charity's Closet identity to fit with their personal goals and aspirations as an organization. This local shop within Baltimore is a resale boutique whose proceeds help to benefit the Success in Style Organization (SIS). Success in Style provides assistance to women wanting to become more independent within the working field. SIS relies directly on the income they receive from Charity's Closet, as well as private donations. Rebrand must connect the two organizations together, and provide Charity's Closet with a fresh and updated look. 


This entire identity package began with the rebrand of their logo. The old Charity's Closet logo was geared towards teenage girls, and did not reflect the fact that Charity's Closet helps promote Success in Style (SIS). The logo I created is completely tyopgraphic, and has a much more sophisticated feel with the combination of serif and script fonts. An icon was also created that can be featured with or without the logo, and is used throughout the identity pieces. This icon illustration resembles an abstract view of a business woman's collar. The entire identity package for Charity's Closet includes the logo rebrand, a call-to-action postcard, a clothing tag, a door hanger, a business card and letterhead, and a thank you card for donating.